WDEA's Chris Popper was at Bernard Parady Gymnasium Tuesday afternoon during the MDI Volleyball camp, and foolishly challenged MDI Volleyball players, Sarah Phelps and Riley Mooers, claiming he could block their spikes! Needless to say, Sarah and Riley were salivating at the opportunity to feed me the ball and show me up!

Now, I am old enough to be their father and then some. It's been 38 years since I played volleyball for Saltus Grammar School in Bermuda, and even then, I wasn't a hitter or blocker, more of a setter! Since then, I have had 10 knee operations, and I'm a little larger than my high school playing days! Plus, I was in long pants, hadn't stretched, and my brain thinks I can do things my body can't do!

As Sarah was set, I quickly realized that I'm an idiot! The net was a lot taller than I remember, and even though I have seen her play volleyball and called her basketball games for 3 years, I forgot how high Sarah can jump! Plus I had forgotten that I can't really jump high! I went up, Sarah spiked it wide, but I was all over the net because I think I thought that maybe if I pulled up on the net, I would jump higher!

Round 2, Riley Mooers.. She was pumped, I think she believed that the movie White Men Can't Jump was written about my jumping ability! She was set, I jumped, and hit the net again, this time the top, but Riley spiked the ball long!

I escaped... I didn't eat the ball, and realized again, that I'm 53 years old! Best of luck Trojans in the upcoming season!