Ratings challenged NBC, starving for its next big hit, is feeling the hunger pains even worse tonight after having to pull its “can’t miss” reality show from the Fall schedule.

“Hunger Strike Games”, which was set on a desert island in the South Pacific, would have followed the adventures of 39 competitors as they struggled to go as long as possible without food.  The last one to go without eating was guaranteed one million dollars and a lifetime gift certificate to Burger King.

“We just really wanted to capitalize on the popularity of The Hunger Games movie and novels,” an NBC Exec told this Modern Philosopher once I promised not to use her name.  “Network brass was really high on a reality series that would’ve put a few dozen teenagers on the island and let them fight to the death, just like in the movie.  The Legal Department nipped that one in the bud immediately, though.”

“Then they pushed for adults fighting to the death, but the lawyers shut that down pretty much right out of the gate,” she continued.  “They finally settled on making the focus a hunger strike so that the name of the show would be close enough to that of the movie and novels to trick fans into watching.  Of course, the network’s spin was that it was promoting low calorie living to an obese nation.”

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