Remember Cindy Michaels? She used to be on WVII and Fox 22 as News Director and Lead Anchor  as well as producer and reporter and previously was on a variety of radio stations in the Bangor market, and is still on in the Skowhegan area.

Cindy Michaels Auditioning for the San Diego Padres (Photo Credit Cindy Michaels)

Well, she's moved to San Diego, and is now one of 50 finalists to be the new public address announcer for the San Diego Padres! There were over 800 people that auditioned, and Cindy is now in the top 50. As part of the audition, they had to read a lineup as if batters were coming up to the plate, and then a public service ad.

Tryouts For the Padres Public Address Announcing Position (Photo Credit Cindy Michaels)

I had the pleasure of working with Cindy for a couple of years, and she's a great person! I hope she gets this!