Prior to the MDI-Foxcroft Academy football game on Friday October 24th, the Seniors of the Cross Country, Football, Cheering and Golf Teams, along with their parents were honored. Each student was called out to present a flower to their parent(s) from MDI High School in thanks for their dedication and understanding and patience during their child's athletic career. Being a parent of a high school athlete means many late nights of transportation, missed family meals and juggling of family activities to support and watch the athlete. The Seniors on the Boy's and Girl's Soccer Teams as well as Volleyball Team were honored previously.

Those recognized were:

Cross Country Team
Ralph Mangani and parents Mike and Phyllis
Jordan Harris and parent Jennifer and grandparents Jon and Judy
Sara Norberg and parents Eric and Karen
Anita Wray and parents Charlie and Rachel
Caroline Driscoll and parent Fred
Sydney Wright and parents William and Doris
Sakura Sunagawa and host parents Roger and Denise Chandler
Waylon Henggeler and parents Scott and Melissa
Ethan Craigo and parent John
David Anderson and parents John and Karen

Golf Team
Jake Boumil and parents John and Rebecca
Jordan Hodgdon and parents Michael and Susan

Cheering Team
Ali Goodwin and parent Korey
Sam Sawyer and parents Robert and Rhonda
MacKenzie Myers and parents Andrew and Jennifer
Geni Goebel and parents Peter and Kathleen
Claire Elk and parents Jim and Catherine
Robin Nicholson and parents Jon and Cathy
Ashley McEachern and parents Matt and Sarah

Football Team
Sandy Henggeler and parents Scott and Melissa
Cordell Soper and parents Christine and Stephen
Jalique Keene and parents Jerry and Barbara
Brandon Davis and parents Richard and Becky