One of the neat things about broadcasting the high school basketball games is that I can interview interesting people at half time. Last night, during the MDI-Old Town game, I spoke with Kylie Dowsland!

Kylie is collecting presents right now to take to the Ronald McDonald House in Portland, and she and her family plan on delivering the presents on December 20th. She's also collecting soda can tabs as an ongoing projects for the Ronald McDonald House, and just before Thanksgiving brought down a car full of food too!

You see her family was the beneficiary of the Ronald McDonald House when Kylie was ill. It's all about paying things forward. If you want to make a toy donation, or save your soda can tabs for the Dowslands, please give Paula Dowsland a call, or connect with her via Facebook.

If you missed the interview, here it is, and listen for a brief cameo from Addy, Kylie's sister at the end!