Southwest Harbor

Chris Popper Goes to 4th Grade at Pemetic
Luckily, it didn't turn into "Are You Smarter Than a 4th Grader" because I think we all know how that would have worked out, but I was invited to spend a hour with Mrs. Schroeder's 4th Grade Class at the Pemetic School in Southwest Harbor on Thursday, February 1st.
Coast Guard Ice Breakers This Week On The Penobscot [VIDEO]
Our Maine based military is helping to keep things moving freely within the Penobscot River this week!
The Rockland based Coast Guard "Tackle" and the Southwest Harbor based Coast Guard Cutter "Bridle" and their crews have been working in tandem to break the ice during high tide, …
No Blues in the Snow in Southwest Harbor
Southwest Harbor received about 10 inches of fluffy snow on Wednesday, January 17th, but that hasn't stopped Jake and Ellwood! The pink flamingo looks like a pink camel with a snow hump thanks to the recent snowfall!

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