Holy Heat Wave Batman! I'm not only talking about the outside temperature where it's expected to be in the lower 40's today, but I'm talking about inside my house, where last night the temperature reached 78 degrees!

Yesterday I had a pellet stove installed by Evergreen Home and Hearth, a Harmon, that would kick out 68,000 BTU's. We had been using a Breckwell, that was 8 years old, and that had finally stopped working. The old Breckwell had caused the smoke alarms to go off in our house 4 times this winter, despite me cleaning it daily. And it never made the house warm. We were constantly wearing sweaters, fleeces, and had blankets on. Honestly, we were lucky if we could get the thermostat in the living room above 64. We were constantly cold, and we were still using oil. Finally about 14 days ago, the Breckwell died. It wouldn't turn on anymore, and my wife didn't want me to turn it on, even if it was able, as she didn't trust it.

So off we went in search of a Harmon. Evergreen came over to the house, recommended the P68 and expedited the installation. Yesterday, they installed it, and we cranked it up! After we had the initial burning off of the paint, which set off the smoke alarms again, the house got warm, actually it got HOT! I didn't want to turn it down until my wife got home from teaching at Nokomis, so she could see what the Harmon could do. When she got home, I had turned it down a little, as I was going to have had to put on a pair of shorts, as the living room was 78! My house hadn't been 78 since last summer!

We have turned it down about 4 more times, and are trying to get it to stay around 68-70. We're laughing, because who could have thought that our house would ever be that warm on an ongoing basis!