This is a tough time of the year for some, and support is an integral part of a recovery program. That's where B.A.R.N comes in. B.A.R.N. is the Bagnor Area Recovery Network, located in Brewer.

Corenna O'Brien who seems to cram 26 hours of work in 24 hours, is acting as a spokesperson for B.A.R.N in addition to her other jobs, and she is seeking the public's assistance in helping B.A.R.N open up a cafe at their center in Brewer to offer a wonderful new dimension to the services they provide.

To do this, they must bring their kitchen up to code with a 3-bay stainless steel sink and the fixtures. The counter is granite, therefore will need to be cut. She's seeking labor and materials to be donated for this project .

With this Cafe, they can offer an inexpensive hot meal, folks can break bread together and it will be opened up to the public on a monthly basis during dances or other events. This will generate revenue for operating as they only charge $10 per month for services so folks can access the help they need.

B.A.R.N  is an amazing place where they do not use substance to treat addiction. They use a strong SUPPORT system to help regular folks (this can happen to anyone) get their lives back by tearing away all of the layers. This doesn't happen overnight. Located in Brewer, they offer a place for folks to go for support and there are areas to play games, read books or they may volunteer. All for $10 per month.

These VOLUNTEERS are changing the lives of people in our community one day at a time. With our jails being overcrowded due to crime resulting from substance abuse, this support structure IS needed. OUR COMMUNITY should EMBRACE it. They have many plans for improvement and new programs

If you can help, please call Corenna at 944-4089 or reach out to her on Facebook