Sunday morning update
Chris' mother, Sarah has set up a CaringBridge webpage so she can update everyone on the extent of his injuries and his progress. He is in critical condition in Intensive care and he has severe and life threatening injuries.

Here is the update from the webpage on the injuries he sustained

  • Plastic Surgeon repaired the large cut behind his right ear
  • They stapled large laceration on the back of his head
  • They stitched a cut on his left
  • Multiple cuts on face
  • He sustained a bad brain injury with multiple small bleeds and swelling of the brain (traumatic small brain cortex subarachnoid hemorrhage) (Diffuse Axonal Injury)
    • Inserted an inter-cranial pressure monitor (Bolt) to monitor the pressure. Currently the pressure is low, which is a good sign. The bolt will be in for 3-5 days.
    • Every hour they do take him off sedation, and do a neuro check for responsiveness to see if he'll open his eyes, wiggle his toes, move his hands, and he has been giving purposeful movements.
    • Monitoring his brain injury in the next 24 hours is crucial
  • Bilateral temporal bone fracture
  • One fracture in front of right ear
    • ENTs will come in tomorrow for further clarification
  • C2 fracture
    • Spine crew will come in tomorrow morning for further clarification
  • Rib fracture
  • Collapsed lung
    • Chest tube will usually stay in for a week
  • Two breaks in the pelvis
  • Bleed in pelvis
    • Did an angiogram to stop the bleed
  • Bruise on spleen
  • He is on Remifentanyl Analgesics for his sedation. This allows them to wake Chris up every hour.
  • He is currently on basic levels for ventilation


Word has reached us that MDI High School alum, Christopher Clemens was seriously injured this morning at 2:45 AM in Henrietta, New York. Clemens is attending the Rochester Institute of Technology.

According to Channel 13, Clemens was hit by two cars Saturday morning. He was hit by a 64 year old man while walking in the road. After being hit by the first car, and laying in the road, he was hit by a 20 year old girl who was intoxicated, and dragged a short distance and was trapped under the car.

If you believe in the power of prayer, Chris and his family need your prayers and good thoughts.