Here's the latest update from Chris Clemens' Caringbridge website posted by his sister Jennifer on Tuesday, February 16th.

He looks more like himself according to Jennifer. He has a slight fever, but they are monitoring him very closely. He has had x-rays on his pelvis to check on the surgery he had yesterday, and they also x-rayed his left arm as he has minimal mobility. He is being fed high doses of nutrients.

He has a lateral compression 3 injury which includes: right pubic rami fractures,      pubic symphysis diastase (widening), right sacral fracture (compression, SI), and left sacroiliac joint widening. To stabilize these injuries his surgery included: inserting an SI screw (fixation) on his back right, pubic symphysis plating on his front, and  a pelvic external fixation outside his body.

Rochester had a 18 inch snowstorm. Jennifer and Sarah are moved into the Hope Lodge House 1120 South Goodman St. Rochester, NY 14620