"The Wizard of Oz" premiered on this date, August 15, 1939. I remember when I was little hiding under the comforter when the Wicked Witch appeared the first time and when the flying monkeys were on screen!

A recent study says who you most identify with from "The Wizard Of Oz" holds the key to your secret self. "Just like in real life, these characters must overcome obstacles by learning to trust in their individual strengths," says psycho therapist Tina Tessina in her book "The Ten Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make After Forty." Just choose your favorite character and see what it says about you.

The Scarecrow
Just like your favorite character, you're unflappable. It takes something truly monumental to ruffle your feathers, and people love that about you. Your placid acceptance of unplanned twists and turns has a calming effect on those around you from your boss to your kids. They know you can be depended on to plan ahead while also dealing with surprises without losing your cool.

The Cowardly Lion
You actually have plenty of strength and courage, but like the Lion, you know when to fight and when to ignore everyday exasperations. Your protective side is always lurking just beneath the surface, and it quickly comes to the fore if you think your loved ones are endangered. You'll spring to their defense with a mighty roar that'll blow the opposition away.

The Tin Man
You're generous and compassionate spirit encompasses all of the people lucky enough to come into your orbit. In fact, much like your Oz alter-ego, you don't have to search for a heart since you already have one the size of Kansas. You're sentimental, sweet and non-judgmental, attributes that ll your friends and family prize. They know that they can turn to you when they need a shoulder to cry on or some sound advice that comes from the heart.

Underneath your shy demeanor lurks a powerhouse of determination. You also have plenty of self-esteem, and you finish whatever you state. No project is too tough. Your organizational skills give you the ability to juggle several tasks at once. Your typical day probably includes childcare, housework, a fulltime job and a hubby. And you manage it all with a smile.

The Wizard
You're an inspiration to your family and friends. Just like the Wizard, you give them what they need when they need it. You're a tower of strength when there's a crisis, and your amazing confidence in the face of obstacles boosts the morale of your loved ones and co-workers. Best of all, your love of life is so engaging that you infect others with your positive attitude.