8PM - July 11th - After a week on the lam, Horton has headed home and is safe and sound! Now stay Horton!

This black dog is Horton! Horton is new to the area, living in Northeast Harbor, and he's been on his own for about a week. Horton needs to come home! He is about two and a half, and he's been in the vicinity of the Asticou Hill Trial ,which is the road directly across from the Asticou Hotel on Peabody Drive in Northeast Harbor.

Horton is going up and down the trail and into the woods alongside it all day long. He belongs to Jamie Clark. They have a trap,but Horton wants no part of it! He may be fine dining at the Asticou Inn. Please don't feed Horton if you see him! Rather, please call his owner, Jamie Clark at 917-859-5258 or 207-276-0769


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