School's are  FINALLY out, with both teachers and students breathing a deep sigh of relief. This has been the longest year for students, teachers and families. I'm on record saying that this year should count as at least 2 years for teacher's seniority and step increases!

The 4th of July is in 16 days! The weather seems to be finally turning nice, with summer officially starting on Sunday, June 20th. But summer flies by and goes way too quickly!

I know that I'm wicked busy during the summer. Everyone just assumes that with the end of the high school sports season, I have all this extra time on my hands, but honestly I'm just as busy, in a different way. I'm generally broadcasting from remotes, pancake breakfasts, as well as working with clients throughout the area to make sure their messages reach our great community of listeners on our radio stations and online.

I know I need to take a deep breath, and do some fun things with my wife this summer now that she's out of school this week. We love the fact that it's light late with sunsets around 8:30 and light early! Last year we bought a propane firepit for our backyard and I think the Danes, my wife and I will make sure that we enjoy it this year!

Last summer we were all pretty much grounded because of COVID. When we went out, we did so wearing masks. A lot of travel was cancelled. Weddings were postponed. This year, there seems to be way more traveling than in the past. The tourists are coming to Maine in droves. Some have dubbed it "revenge tourism"! After being cooped up and not allowed to travel last year, families are on the move in 2021!

So please tell me... What's on your Summer 2021 Bucket List? Are you traveling? Going to concerts? Going to fairs? What are the 1 or 2 things that you just have to do this summer?

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