A lobster? A lighthouse? The Mardens Lady? Nope.

Between September 8th and October 8th search site Google kept track of the most popular Halloween costume searches and then determined the most popular costumes for each state.

If you were planning on going as Catwoman in Maine this year, you might want to think twice. According to google tight leather suits with tails will be everywhere this year!

There is no explanation as to why this is the most popular costume this year. I would make some sense if folks are going as Maine Coon Catwoman...

Maine definitely didn't have the strangest search for Halloween costume ideas.

Mississippi will be full of tourists! That's a costume that is way too scary to most Mainers!

Alabama is already dreading the holiday season as many of their residents will be dressed as the Grinch! Massachusetts most popular costume is also probably the most offensive, especially if you are Caitlyn Jenner.

Possibly the strangest of all is Virginia where residents seem to have become obsessed with dolphins and want to be one.

You can see the full list here.

Or, if you want a Bangor-inspired Halloween costume, we have just the thing.