After of a month of the weekend box office being dominated by Split, the arrival of three new major releases has finally given the top 10 a thorough shake-up. As expected, The LEGO Batman Movie led the pack, with Fifty Shades Darker and John Wick: Chapter 2 following. And while each film opened strong, only two of them feel like unqualified successes.

FilmWeekendPer Screen
1The LEGO Batman Movie$55,635,000$13,609$55,635,000
2Fifty Shades Darker$46,797,000$12,614$46,797,000
3John Wick: Chapter 2$30,015,000$9,642$30,015,000
4Split$9,321,000 (-35.4)$3,148$112,293,000
5Hidden Figures$8,000,000 (-21.5)$3,000$131,452,000
6A Dog’s Purpose$7,365,000 (-29.9)$2,435$42,595,000
7Rings$5,820,000 (-55.2)$1,986$21,492,000
8La La Land$5,000,000 (-32.2)$2,421$126,010,000
9Lion$4,083,000 (+8.6)$3,054$30,368,000
10The Space Between Us$1,760,000 (-53.4)$638$6,595,000

The LEGO Batman Movie opened with a very solid $55 million, about $14 million less than the opening of The LEGO Movie but nothing to scoff at. If this one follows the pattern of its predecessor — and the pattern established by the vast majority of well-received animated movies — it should showcase strong legs in the weeks ahead, hanging around for months and making all of its money at a slower, steadier pace. The big question is really whether this is a $200 million movie or a $250 million movie.

For the other unqualified success, you need to look to John Wick: Chapter 2 in third place, which opened with just over $30 million. That’s significantly more than the $14 million opening of the original film, though that one also cost significantly less to produce. Since a weak second weekend could be an issue, next weekend will be key here. However, audiences seem to enjoy this one as much as the critics did, so it should be fine in the long run, especially since it will undoubtedly do strong business worldwide.

And that brings us to Fifty Shades Darker in second place, which opened at $46 million. With a budget of only $55 million, it’s going to turn a profit very soon, an excellent start for an R-rated, erotic drama. However, that opening is roughly half of what the first movie in this series made in its first three days, not exactly a great sign. Only the faithful and the previously initiated showed up for the sequel. It’ll be fine, but it won’t do nearly the same amount of business as the first movie.

While the new movies ruled the roost, it was also a strong weekend for a few older releases. Split may have been dethroned, but it’s still going strong in fourth place, making $9 million for a total of $112 million. Even more impressive is the continued success of Hidden Figures, which made $8 million in fifth place for $131 million total. At this rate, it’s only solidifying its position as the biggest hit among this year’s Best Picture nominees.

Elsewhere in the top 10, Lion continued to ride Oscar buzz to solid numbers and A Dog’s Purpose did better business than expected. Rings is still a massive disappointment — it’ll top out with half of what The Ring Two made — and the only reason we’re not talking about The Space Between Us as one of the year’s biggest bombs is that it didn’t cost much to produce.

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