This happened during a playoff soccer game and it was missed by officials. The mother of the player is going to the police...


This story is simply insane. Summer Ross on the Mt. Abram was coming back into play with team mates after celebrating a late goal. That's when a player came over from Lisbon and punched her. It was caught on video by the Mt. Abram boys' soccer coach.


The video was posted on Melanie Ross's (mom) Facebook page (since taken down). It was seen over 73,000 times! The Portland Press Herald reported in depth about how confusing the entire incident was:

Summer Ross fell down while trying to dodge the punch.

“(The punch) skimmed the side of her face,” Melonie Ross said, adding that her family has contacted the Lisbon Police Department.

Melonie Ross was at the game, but did not see the incident. It was caught on video by Mt. Abram boys’ soccer coach Darren Allen, she said.

“(Summer) told me about it after the game,” Melonie Ross said. “We didn’t see it during the game. She told me what had happened after the game and I was shocked.”

We are all shocked that this would happen. It's insane that a player would try to literally just punch a kid in the face - and yes, equal rights and all, but girls?

The schools involved want to put this behind them, but mom is in mama bear mode and I don't think there is a parent in the world that can blame her.


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