Retail shopping is a large part of Maine's summertime draw. Places like Freeport and Kittery rely on shopping surges at their retail outlets, and the Maine Mall is the state's year-round Mecca for the rainy day blues. But imagine for a moment that during your shopping spree, there weren't just cameras in the store, but rather instead the very dressing room you were changing in.

According to Legal Beagle, 37 states across the country allow that practice to happen, whether it's through a visible monitoring device or a two-sided mirror. But before you go wild, Maine is one of the 13 states that completely bans this practice. Other good news, New Hampshire is also on the list of states that believe in privacy.

The reasoning for allowing cameras in dressing rooms in most of the country is to cut down on theft. But the states that have enacted privacy laws, like Maine, believe the videotaping of dressing rooms is a more invasive practice than the loss stores may incur from simple theft.

So rest easy shoppers of Maine, we live in a state that believes in your privacy, in what can be a very vulnerable setting, dressing rooms.


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