One thing that makes checking out the Kids' Choice Awards each year totally "Worth It" is watching some of our favorite hot young stars get covered in slimy green goo. And one of this year's victims? Favorite Music Group category winners Fifth Harmony!

The five-member girl band, which had just taken to the stage moments prior to accept the award (beating out the likes of Fall out Boy, One Direction, and Maroon 5 among other in the process), got covered in lime green goop (not to be confused with a certain lifestyle web-site) Nickelodeon-style just as the ladies happily finished their acceptance speech.

As neon green slime began to suddenly rain down on the "Work From Home" singers, Dinah was the first to hit the road, hilariously dashing across the stage and away from the slime at breakneck speed, while Camila and Ally stayed somewhat frozen in their tracks, taking the brunt of the surprise attack. (Ally most of all, getting completely drenched in the process.)

Like Dinah, Normani and Lauren also tried to flee the scene, though not as quickly as their fellow member, with Normani actually slipping on the stuff quite gracefully.

Yet, this year wasn't the first that the girls experience getting slimed—back in 2013, the group got soaked in green goo at a special launch event for Nickelodeon Radio! Watch below:

Photos from the 2016 Kids Choice Awards Orange Carpet + Show

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