On Friday November 20th, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced via Tweet that  the travel ban for all non-essential travel between Canada and the United States has been extended through December 21st. This is the 5th extension since the original closing on March 18th.

The border was initially closed by mutual agreement on March 18th and was initially set to expire on July 21st. However it was extended on July 16th with the new expiration date of August 21st. Then on Friday, August 14th the new expiration date was set for September 21st. On Friday September 28th the expiration date was set for October 21st. On October 19th the travel ban was extended to November 21st

Essential travel is defined as trade shipments, essential workers and approved temporary foreign workers.

The border closings have been precipitated because of the COVID-19 pandemic

To continue to limit the spread of COVID, the US, Mexico, & Canada will extend the restrictions on non-essential travel through Nov 21. We are working closely with Mexico & Canada to identify safe criteria to ease the restrictions in the future & support our border communities.


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