I love to see kids running lemonade stands. It brings back memories of selling lemonade when I was little, for maybe a dime a cup? Of course, way back when a dime was a lot!  Yep, I'm that old. Whenever I drive or walk around and see lemonade stands I try and stop.

Glass of homemade lemonade

Monday to Saturday, July 4th to July 9th there will be children set up on the lawn of the Jesup Library in Bar Harbor from Noon to 5 p.m.  The group is being led by Rebecca and Ellie Rand who attended the Jesup's Community Campaign Kick-Off and Bee Parks Concert on June 18th. They approached the Library and asked if they could run a lemonade stand and do their part to help raise funds, as frequent users of the library!

So, make sure you do your part if you're out and about in Bar Harbor July 4th to 9th and stop by and have a cup or 2 of lemonade. And as the song says, "My money don't jingle jingle it folds!" so bring those dollar bills as all the proceeds will be going to the Jesup!

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