In Sunday night September 13th's Trenton Timberwolf Pack Newsletter, Trenton Elementary Principal Mike Zboray wrote "As the district works to identify and provide safe extracurricular activities, the Trenton school will be unable to move forward during this period of budget uncertainty. At this time the school needs to focus on providing essential programing only."

On September 14th Trenton Elementary Principal Mike Zboray and AOS 91 Superintendent Dr. Marc Gousse joined WDEA's Chris Popper to talk about the issue of getting a school budget passed for the 2020-21 fiscal year.

There has yet to be a Town Meeting and consequently the school is forced to work off the 2019-2020 budget which is beginning to impact children.

Trenton Elementary students will not be able to play interscholastic and intramural afterschool activities nor will homework clubs and other extra-curricular activities be allowed to take place because of the lack of a passed budget. Other schools are holding parent athletic meetings but there is NOT one scheduled for Trenton Elementary

To read Principal Zboray's budget letter click HERE

I have reached out to Fred Ehrlenbach, the Chair of the Trenton Select Board and would be happy to tape an interview with him at his earliest convenience.

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