Unless you were at the Augusta Civic Center and in the reception with the State Champion MDI Boy's Basketball Team you won't know this story and you should!

As the trainer, Dan Vibert received an individual medal, signifying that he was part of the Class B North State Champions. Dan gave his medal to Bunky Dow, the MDI Athletic Director, so he could present it to Richard Norwood, who has driven the MDI Boy's and Girl's Basketball Teams for years!

Richard drove the 3 Girl's Teams when they won their Gold Balls. He told the boys that they thought this was their year. The bond between the Boy's Basketball Team and Richard is palpable.

Richard Norwood with the 2017 Class B Gold Ball Photo Chris Popper

As soon as Richard was presented with Dan's medal by Bunky Dow, the Boy's Basketball Team surrounded and embraced him.

MDI Boy's Basketball Team Surround and Embrace Richard Norwood Photo Chris Popper