Voters in Trenton went to the polls on Monday, May 20th. Here are the results. Remember the remaining articles in the warrant including the school budget, and continued funding for the pre-K program will be decided tonight, at the Town Meeting at 6PM at the Trenton Elementary School.

Election of 1 Member to the Board of Selectmen and Overseer of the Poor for a 3 year term.

  • Rachel Nobel 101 votes (elected)
  • Susan Sargent 56 votes
  • Others 2 votes

Election of 2 Members to the Trenton School Committee for a 3 year term

  • Darcey Throckmorton 133 votes (elected)
  • Tom Reeve 42 votes (Write-in elected)
  • Others 20 votes

Shall the Town of Trenton reinstate the school budget validation referendum process for the Trenton School Department for the next three years? Note: this vote does not affect the current year school budget process and if passed will be an article on the June 2020 referendum ballot.

  • Yes 80 votes
  • No 90 votes (Article failed)

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