It's Saturday morning, April 4th. I've had to look at the calendar repeatedly to remember what day it is. As a matter of fact, I am recording reminders on WDEA to let everyone know what day of the week it is, because if you're like me it seems like everyday is the same.

I get a copy of Mrs.Delsandro's newsletter. She's the principal of Mount Desert Elementary School. What she wrote this week, needs to be read by all parents, everywhere, as everyone is adjusting to the "new normal". Here's what she wrote
"This is hard.

For now, please know, that we are so very aware that everybody's situation is different, and transitioning to a remote learning platform, under normal conditions, without the worry and concern of our current health crisis would be challenging. The conditions we are all working under are challenging, and as families adjust to new work schedules and routines, please know that your family comes first. We want peace and happiness at home, and want our remote learning program to be welcome, and not stressful.

My daughter is in 5th grade, and wasn't able to complete all of the assigned work this week. Not even close. However, she did learn how to manage her email inbox and respond to teacher emails in complete sentences. She was able to become acclimated to using and participating in google meets, can mute her microphone and learned to use the chat feature appropriately. Most importantly, she connected with her teachers and her classmates, and dressed our dog up for the pet fashion show that Mr. Cote hosted. She was beaming. And I'm ok with that.

We have looked at her schedule, made some adjustments and are ready to head into week two feeling a little more comfortable, and with more understanding of how it all will work for our family. She will catch up, and will be just fine. We spend time together, walk our dog and laughing and smiling, and I've worked to let go of the working mom guilt... She loves learning, and loves school, and that was what was most important this week, that we eased into this, and figured things out. She is ok, and we are ok.

It wasn't perfect, and there were times of stress and uncertainty, but what is most important, is that she is excited and ready to go back. She feels connected to her teachers and can't wait to see her classmates again. I'll take that.

Please be gentle with yourselves, with your children, and reach out through the family support form if we can help at all - really. This isn't normal, and is so very challenging. You should be so proud of yourself. Your children are loved, safe and connected, and that is what is most important."

They have set up a counseling corner with some topics to chat with your kids about the COVID-19 situation and a behavior modification blog that you may wish to read as well.

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