Thursday, April 23rd is "Bring Your Child to Work Day" or in the time of COVID-19, Bring Your Work Home to Your Child Day!"

We all know that these are "Interesting Times", to say the least. As I sit here working from home with my children, the 3 Great Danes, I bet we all have interesting stories to tell! So go ahead, share with us the craziest story about working home with your children. I guarantee someone else will be able to beat it!

As for me, just listen to the weather on WDEA AM 1370, I'm sure you'll occasionally hear a Dane barking, as they seem to do it whenever I'm getting ready to record.  But I'm so lucky, because Elmer is keeping me company wherever I am in the house. It's like he's my emotional support dog in these crazy times. And he demands to be driven around the neighborhood and downtown at least once a day!

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