A Bangor man faces a charge of criminal speeding after police say he was driving 91 miles per hour on the road between Brewer and Ellsworth on July 1. Two other motorists also face charges for going at least 84 miles per hour on the road the same day on the 55-mile-per-hour stretch of road in Dedham.

Bryan Hyson, 29, of Bangor was summoned for criminal speed after police say his white commercial van was travelling at a high rate of speed during the evening commute.

Hyson was given a court date in Ellsworth.

The Hancock County Sheriff's Office say a total of three summons were written that day for speeds ranging from 84 miles per hour to 91 miles per hour in the posted 55-miles-per-hour speed zone.

Locals know Route 1A between Brewer and Ellsworth can be a dangerous road in the summer, and several fatal accidents have occurred on that stretch of road in recent years.

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