The New York Times recently compiled data on 50 TV shows to see in what part of the country they are most popular. Of the 50 shows, Maine scored big on two of them.

The data was taken from Facebook by calculating how many people in a given ZIP code “liked” certain TV shows. They then found the 50 most liked shows and broke down the data and presented it in heat maps. Two shows stood out as liked in Maine much more than the rest of the country.

The first is NCIS, the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps crime investigation team starring Mark Harmon. The crime drama is into its 14th season and still going strong, especially in rural areas of the country, like Maine. In fact, the further north you go in Maine, the more people love this show.


The second show to do well in Maine shares the honor with Alaska, and that makes perfect sense. Discovery's Deadliest Catch is a reality show Alaskans and Mainers can relate to. Fishing in cold water and rough seas is how a lot of Mainers make their living and how we get our delicious, fresh seafood. We're fascinated by seeing how it's done.


Other shows that did well in Maine are Duck Dynasty in Aroostook County, The Big Bang Theory in Central Maine, Fast 'N Loud in Northern Maine, Criminal Minds through most of Maine, Pawn Stars up north, and Wipeout which isn't even on anymore.

The New York Times tries to go political with this data.

The cultural divide (among tv shows) largely falls along urban/rural lines. We saw a similar divide in November, with Hillary Clinton winning in cities, college towns, Native American reservations and areas with black and Hispanic majorities. Mr. Trump earned more votes in rural areas.

Well that kind of sucked the fun right out of this didn't it?

Anyway, if you want to do a deep dive into the data head on over to the New York Times website to see what Maine does and doesn't like for TV.


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