Calling all lobstermen!

Al Roker's production company, Al Roker Entertainment, is putting the word out to Maine lobstermen who wanna be on TV! In a press release to the Maine Lobstermen's Association the firm stated: 'We’re seeking tough, active lobstermen: you could be a family who’s been fishing for generations or a new, hard-nosed skipper striking out on your own.' 

The show is only in its planning stages. A partner of Al Roker Entertainment, Watt Pictures, is doing the leg work to put together a pitch package. The package will include prospective people and locations for the show, as well as eddied video footage.

Watt Pictures hopes to make their official pitch in February. Potential networks include  A&E, the History Channel and Discovery Channel.

Interested lobstermen should email Include a little bit about yourself, why you would be good cast member for the show and pictures.

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