I have joked about getting one for years, and finally I have it, the Maroon-Green shirt so I can wear it when MDI and Ellsworth battle on the court or field!

Ever since I made the deadly mistake of wearing a purple jacket to a MDI-Hampden game over a decade ago, I have tried to be conscious of what color I wear when broadcasting MDI and Ellsworth games. Let's face it, people still remind me of the gaffe I made wearing purple! I have tried to wear green AND maroon, but it's always evoked comments like "Oh there's more green than red" or "Oh, you're wearing a maroon shirt and green pants, there's more maroon". So now, I'm ready!

I was going to save it until the MDI-Ellsworth basketball games on January 9-10 and February 7-8 but my wife told me that I would be wearing it tomorrow for the MDI-Nokomis Football game!  I did ask her why I would do that, and she told me that Nokomis is maroon (which I knew) and she had taught there for 30 years! I said , yes, but I'm rooting for MDI in the game on Friday! Let's just say, the stink eye she gave me convinced me that the Maroon-Green shirt will make it's debut in the booth Friday, October 20th!

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