In this time of crisis we would be remiss not to send out a giant thank-you! The list is long, and we know we will miss a few but here's our partial list!

  • Thanks to all the doctors, nurses, hospital and pharmacy staff working during this time of crisis. They are on the front lines and can't practice social distancing!
  • Thanks to all the police, firefighters, dispatchers and correction officers. All our 1st responders are on call 24-7 and remain so.
  • Thanks to all the grocery store workers who are keeping the store shelves stocked!
  • Thanks to all the teachers, bus drivers and education staff delivering food and keeping the education process going!
  • Thanks to all the restaurants who are offering take-out and curbside delivery and to the public who are taking advantage of these services.
  • Thanks to the restaurants and businesses that have stepped up to the plate to offer free meals for those in need
  • Thanks to the food pantries, those who are staffing them and those donating to them
  • Thanks to the clergy and all those praying in this time of need. Prayer is needed now more than ever!
  • Thanks to employers who are continuing to keep their workers employed and paying them despite reduced hours and a difficult business outlook
  • Thanks to members of the media who are trying to present the news, good and bad. (And a note presenting bad news really does take a toll on the media!)
  • Thanks to the public who are not hoarding, are looking after their neighbors, and practicing safe social distancing.

Stay safe.

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