The Surry Elementary School lifted the spirits of teachers and students with a giant car parade, honoring teachers and driving by the homes of students on Tuesday, May 5th!  Check out the photos!

Coordinated by Kirsten Weed (Kindergarten) and Paige Osgood (2nd grade) the parade reached nearly all of the almost 155 students!

Surry Teacher Appreciation Day 2020

The list of parade participants included

  • Fred Cole, Principal
  • Caroline Bromberg, PreK Teacher
  • Kirstin Weed, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Sierra Bloom, 1st Grade Teacher
  • Paige Osgood, 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Bree Baxter, 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Libby Bishop, 4th Grade Teacher
  • Courtney Weaver, 5th Grade Teacher
  • Gavin Rogers, 6th Grade Teacher
  • Lynn Bonsey, 8th Grade Teacher
  • Jayson Peltier, Ed Tech
  • Amy Chandler, Ed Tech
  • Val Feldkamp, Ed Tech
  • Rich Drenga, Ed Tech
  • Nate Cole, Ed Tech
  • Heather Emanuelson, Music Teacher
  • Linda Conley, Librarian
  • Laura Osgood, Art Teacher
  • Dwayne Carter, Gym Teacher
  • Kristin Eberdt, Guidance Counselor
  • Jenny Pert, School Nurse
  • Jessie Stewart, Bus Driver

Thanks to Paige Osgood for the list and Jennifer Saunders for the photos

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