Congratulations to the 2nd grade class at Surry Elementary School for completing the Postcard Challenge!

Photo Paige Osgood
Photo Paige Osgood

The Postcard Challenge is an effort to collect a postcard from all 50 states! Back in January we told you about their efforts and I know many readers reached out to relatives to have them mail a postcard to the Surry school!

It's a great project, as it allows the students to learn about geography, math, art and more.

On a personal note, it's always nice to see former Ellsworth High School and MDI High School students succeeding as teachers. Paige Osgood (then Saunders) was a student and member of the Ellsworth Girl's Basketball Team and I had the pleasure of broadcasting many of her games!

If you are a teacher in Hancock or Washington Counties and want to do the Postcard Challenge, we are ready to help you by publicizing it on the WDEA website!

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