Congratulations to the following students from Sumner Memorial High School who were recognized for their academic efforts during the 1st Semester of the 2019-20 school year.

Grade 12 – Bjorn Collins, Silas Goldfarb
Grade 10 – Rachel Hastey

HIGH HONORS (3.4-3.6)
Grade 12 – Rhiannon Alley, Blue Howard, Skye Howard, Ethan Young
Grade 11 – Kaitlin Beal, Sam Bunch, Riley Flubacher, Josephine Khedarian

HONORS (3.0-3.3)
Grade 12 – Vea Beattie, Jeremy Card, Bryce Coombs, Sydnie Cunningham, Alysha Durdek, Katerina Formby, Gavin Jellison, Marguerite Leighton, Zackary Lord, Michael Merchant, Autumn Mowery, Hannah Riley, Kenna Storey, Aidan Weaver, Colby Wycoff

Grade 11 – Samantah Bierman, Isaac Brooks, Scarlet Capitano, Logan Carter, Belinda Catheron, Ian Foster, Brianna Koziol, Caydon Lamboy Cruz, Heather Merchant, Kaleb Merchant, Ty Merchant, Tyler Moon, Brenda Patten, Tyler Rossing, Josie Temple

Grade 10 – Mya Abbott, Olivia Bunker, Lillian Christiansen, Rachel Colby, Alexis Coombs, Taylor Crocker, Emilee Hutchins, Rebecca Muise, Colin Piper, Collin Reckner, Cash Sanborn, Moira Sankey, Chase Strout, Tanner Thibault

Grade 9 – Henry Bunch, Nolan Christiansen, Nellie Collins, Marissa Colby, Jenna Colson, Aiden DeRaps-Russell, Mackenzie Graten, Gavin McPhail, Tyler Michaud, Emaly Rider, Christine Rivers, Andrew Rumill, Kendal Strout, Lily Temple, Elaina Thomas, Tori Webber

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