The Sumner High School Class of 2020 graduated Saturday afternoon June 13 two by two under a tent on the campus in Sullivan.

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Bina Bamford and Ian Foster
Alysha Durdek and Kenna Storey
Ty Merchant and Tyler Cloutier
Gavin Jellison and Mark Muise
Rhiannon Alley and Vea Beattie
Reilley DeLong
Devin Moshier
Jacob Clark and Kollin McLean
Abby Bryant and Laura Atwater
Maggie Leighton and Sarah Hooper
Skye Howard and Bjorn Collins
Blue Howard and Bryce Coombs
Melinda Coombs and Hannah Riley


Nataly Battis and Jeremy Card
Jenna French and Katerina Formby
Ethan Young and Silas Goldfarb
Sydnie Cunningham and Autumn Mowery
Colby Wycoff and Michael Merchant
Zach Lord and Payton Rotta
Aiden Weaver and Alex Rumill
Warren Harden and Simon Torrey
Raquel Barnes and Shasta Sargent
Damon Warren and Xylieh Eastman