Wow, impressive.

The Stonington Opera House Arts group banded together and has produced a new form of entertainment for the area, a drive-in movie theater on the old ball field.  The crew built and erected a 20 by 30 foot movie screen, and will show the first ever movie there on Friday night, July 10th.

Along with Opera House Arts, the town of Stonington and members of the community all kicked in the funds to pull it off.

The first movie to have the honor to be shown will be the latest Harrison Ford flick, The Call Of The Wild. Showings will also happen Saturday and Sunday nights as well, all beginning at 8:45 p.m.

Here's how it all works.  You must buy your tickets ahead of time at the Opera House Arts WEBSITE.  Tickets are $20 plus a $2 surcharge.  They will be delivered to you online.  The gates to the new drive-in will open at 7:30, and members of the group will guide you to your parking place. No vehicles will be admitted after 8:40.  No booze allowed.

You'll receive the audio to the movie via FM radio, so make sure that your vehicle has one of those, or bring a portable one one along.  The Stonington ball field is located on School Street.

The staff will be wearing face masks, and if you vacate your vehicle for any reason they highly suggest that you wear one as well.  Restroom facilities are limited at the moment, so be prepared.

We're betting that this new drive-in will be very popular, and we thank everyone for their efforts in bringing outdoor movies to the Deer Isle/Stonington area.

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