The was another terrible tragedy Monday night in Old Town, when a mother and her two children were killed in a house fire, and the State Fire Marshall investigators have determined that there were no smoking detectors in the house. The children who lost their lives had ties to Bar Harbor.

If you do NOT have working smoke detectors in your home or apartment, you NEED to talk with your local fire department. Many times they will provide them and even install them for you! They would much rather come and install the detector for you, than remove a body after a fatal fire. I know that is a shocking statement, but it is true.

You should change the batteries in your smoke detectors when you turn the clocks forward or back. Did you change your batteries this month? If not, DO IT! Having a smoke detector without working batteries is like wearing a pair of pants that are too big for you, without a belt and then wondering why your pants fall down!

Now, I'm guessing that most people that are reading this have working smoke detectors in their homes. If you go into a friend's house, check and see if you see smoke detectors. You shouldn't allow your children into a house without working smoke detectors!