Tuesday, September 21st is World Gratitude Day. The idea of a day to give thanks began back in Hawaii on 1965 and the first World Gratitude Day was held in 1966.

What are you thankful for? It really is easy to look at things, especially during this pandemic and complain. The last 18 months  certainly hasn't gone the way that we expected, and absolutely no one could have expected the pandemic that began in March 2020 would be continuing into September 2021

Business and marketing plans that were written or planned back in 2019 or the first quarter of 2020 were tossed away and ripped up in the "new-normal". Events that we have traditionally hosted or attended were cancelled. After a return to live events in the summer of 2021, because of the Delta variant are being cancelled again for the Fall. Businesses have struggled with finding staffing and despite record number of customers have had to reduce hours of operation.

But, there have been some good things that have come from the pandemic. Most of us that were so busy with event after event found ourselves with time on our hands. There was a "forced pause". There was a return to the nuclear family. Neighbors checked in on neighbors.

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Take a moment and think what you are grateful for! If you are grateful for someone or something, let that person or organization know! Expressing your gratitude could potentially make that person or organization's day. Maybe they'll then let someone know what they're grateful for. It starts with you and me. Let's make this spread and Happy Gratitude Day 2021! I'm grateful you read this!

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