Maine's Secretary of State says he's concerned about the number of face coverings he sees hanging from people's car mirrors.

Do you know someone who does this? People are hanging their masks from their rearview mirrors, when they're not in use. Maybe you've done it, a time or two. It's easy, when you get out of work or done with your shopping, to hop in the car, and hang your mask on the mirror. I can understand why people would do that, because it's convenient, and it's right in front of you when you get back out of the car, to remind you to take it with you.

The hazard, according to the Secretary of State's office, is that the face mask could impede your vision while driving. It's one more thing to look past while pulling into intersections or parking spaces, etc. Secretary of State Matt Dunlap is reminding drivers that having something in your vehicle that interferes with your line of vision could net a minimum fine of $325.

A few alternative suggestions about where to keep the mask, when you're in your vehicle, could be in the glove compartment, on the seat next to you, or loop it around the handle to your briefcase, tote, or handbag. Or maybe, just tuck the mask in your pocket. And, if you forget to take the face covering with you when headed into the grocery store or your office, just turn around and go get it. I've seen that look on many people's faces, in recent weeks. The 'Doh! I forgot my mask,' pivot back to the car. I've certainly done it myself, many times.

Just remember not to hang it from your rearview mirror. As the Maine Secretary of State's office says, 'It's the one place your mask won't help keep you safe.'

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