With the anticipated start of school of Tuesday, September 8th for students in RSU 24, the district has put out a call for individuals to make and donate masks for students, staff and faculty for the upcoming school year.

While RSU 24 hasn't announced officially which method of teaching they will adopt for the upcoming year, no matter whether it is full back to school or a hybrid model of partial back to school and remote learning, everyone attending in person school will be required to wear a mask.

Please see below for RSU 24's request, along with preferred patterns. You are encouraged to be as creative as you would like with the print on the cloth, however, cloth with printed text or inappropriate graphics should please be avoided.

If you need materials to make masks or arrange for pick up or delivery, please let them know. To participate in this volunteer effort, please contact Janet Jordan at (207) 422-2017, Ext 107; jjordan@ru24.org or your school administrator.

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