Finally! RSU 24 has received permission to begin in-person instruction at the Charles M. Sumner Learning Center in Sullivan effective Thursday, October 20th.

There will be still limitations to meet the Code Enforcement Officer's Fire Mitigation Plan, and details will be forthcoming, in a letter from Principal Jackson Green!

Here's the letter that Superintendent Michael Eastman sent to parents on Wednesday, October 19th.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

It is with great excitement that I announce we have received the necessary permit for our students to transition to in-person learning.  The new Sumner Memorial High School and Sumner Middle School will welcome our students tomorrow, Thursday, October 20th.  This is a long awaited milestone that promises to be exciting and challenging at the same time.  Students and parents will receive communication from Principal Green shortly with specific logistical information necessary for our students to begin with minimal disruption.

Although we are blessed to have our students in the new school, we also understand that we have a ways to go before we will have access to the entire building AND that we will need to operate with the Code Enforcement Officer’s Fire Mitigation Plan that will impact our operations.  Details will be provided as part of Mr. Green’s letter to parents.

I ask that you please be patient with us as we transition into a new reality for our middle and high school students and staff.  We will most certainly encounter challenges as part of this transition as there really is no manual provided for opening a new school.  However, with much excitement and optimism, we will do our best to manage the unknowns that we encounter.  We will work hard to communicate with students and parents regarding pertinent information as it becomes available.  As always, please feel free to contact me at with any questions.  Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

Michael Eastman, Superintendent

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