Open Table MDI is an amazing group, that has been offering FREE delicious and nutritious  meals to the community for the last 3 years, serving from the Bar Harbor Congregational Church.

Round the Rock - Natalie Springuel
Round the Rock - Natalie Springuel

Prior to the pandemic they were offering entertainment Tuesday evenings, and had expanded to Saturdays (prior to summer) and even had expanded to Southwest Harbor and Northeast Harbor pre-pandemic.

Now, one of the founding members, Puranjot Kaur,will be attempting a non-stop solo swimming circumnavigation around Mount Desert Island to benefit Open Table MDI, on or around August 26th.

The swim around Mount Desert Island will be approximately 44 miles and will take roughly 24 hours. Kaur will wear only a normal bathing suit, cap, goggles and ear plugs. Wearing a wetsuit is against the Marathon Swimmers Federation's rules.

Kaur will be escorted and supported by a volunteer team of local sea kayakers and boaters as well as The Pisspot piloted by "Diver Ed" Monat and crewed by Enda "Captain Evil" Martin as well as by The College of Atlantic's research vessel The Osprey piloted by Toby Stephenson

Open Table MDI was recently awarded a $50,000 grant to help greatly expand our programming. Puranjot hopes to match this funding before, during, and after her swim. If you would like to donate please click HERE and make your donation

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