I was honored to be part of a "Celebrity" radio edition of Wheel of Fortune at the Collins Center for the Arts at UMaine on Friday afternoon, June 21st

Photo Gina Marie

I was up there with Cindy Campbell from Q106.5, Mandi Oeschlie, Don Cookson and Paul Dupuis.

Photo Chris Popper

We were playing a lightning round. You could guess a letter, including a vowel, and if it was on the board you had 3 seconds to make a guess. Cindy was 1st, I was last, so she could have the benefit of my letter guessing. And that's exactly what happened! I guessed an "A" and there were 3 of them, and Cindy then guessed the puzzle, "Playing Hangman" with the category of "Favorite Pasttimes"

Cindy had said she was going to beat me, and I scoffed at her. Uncle Marty, the host had asked if I was ready to play Wheel of Fortune and I said "No! I'm ready to win Wheel of Fortune!"

So now, Cindy has the Wheel of Fortune bragging rights in the building! I also learned I much prefer interviewing people on the radio, rather than the one being interviewed, especially talking about myself! I'm much better promoting others, than promoting myself!