Representatives of 24 schools traveled to Jeff's Catering on Monday, October 30th in the darkness, wind and rain to attend a highly entertaining presentation by Rob Miller of Proactive Coaching, sponsored by First National Bank and the Penobscot Valley Conference.

Schools were allowed to bring up to 10 representatives, and the majority of the 24 schools did so. Attending were representatives from Bangor Christian, Brewer, Bucksport, Caribou, Deer Isle-Stonington, Dexter, Ellsworth, Greenville, Hampden, Hermon, Houlton, John Bapst, Machias, Mattanawcook Academy, MDI, Narraguagus, Old Town, Orono, Penobscot Valley, Presque Isle, Schenck, Searsport, Stearns, and Sumner.

EHS Proactive Coaching Attendees Photo Chris Popper
EHS Proactive Coaching Attendees Photo Chris Popper

The presentation was designed for "future leaders" and coaches, and Rob Miller's presentation was interactive, and designed for these "future leaders" to share the information with their peers, not only on athletic teams, but throughout the school.

MDIHS Proactive Coaching Attendees October 30, 2017 Photo Chris Popper
MDIHS Proactive Coaching Attendees October 30, 2017 Photo Chris Popper

Much of the time he talked about team, he said that could be interchanged with school. Some of the great takeaways I had from the 1st hour of the presentation were

  • If your team/school isn't great, look in the mirror. It's your team/school
  • Great teams/schools reach their potential
  • There are 2 tests to see if you have reached your potential 1.You have no regrets and 2. Your teammates/schoolmates stay with you for life
  • You have to make great choices and you have to lead and "own" your team/school
  • Social media is killing leadership. You don't lead through 140 characters. You lead face to face and heart to heart
  • If you don't know what commitment is as a leader how can your team/school know?
  • Leaders lead by actions, not titles
  • Leaders lead everyone, not just those they like
  • Leaders aren't bosses
  • Leaders need to look for the good in people
  • There are 5 levels of commitment on your team or in your school 1. Don't care  2. If that's what it takes. 3. Conditional. 4. Over the Top. 5. Total. The only one that is good is the 5th.. Total Commitment
  • Leaders are the first to lead by example.
  • Leaders are confident
  • Leaders are competitive
  • Leaders control the "controllables"
  • Leaders have good work habits
  • Coaches at the next level and future employers are checking your social media! Are you ripping people apart on Facebook? Are you positive or negative?
  • Good leaders continue to shine when the spotlight is off
  • The trick is to turn mistakes into victories, not another mistake.

If you have a chance to attend a presentation by Rob Miller from Proactive Coaching, I would strongly suggest you take advantage of the opportunity!

Thanks again to First National Bank who sponsored this event, along with lunch and refreshments for the roughly 250 in attendance!



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