Congratulations to those who earned their way on to the All-Conference Team on the mat and those who earned their way to the All-Academic Team in the classroom!

All Conference

Wt. Class 106 

  • 1st team: Deegan Tidswell, Mattanawcook/Lee Academy 
  • 2nd team: Ethan Milliken, Dexter 
  • Honorable Mention Logan Blanchette, MDI,

Wt. Class 113

  • 1st team: Kaleb Nightingale, Bucksport
  • 2nd team: Sam Charles, Old Town 
  • Honorable Mention: Joseph Keenan, Foxcroft Academy 

Wt. Class 120:

  • 1st team: Clyde Carr, Mattanawcook/Lee Academy 
  • 2nd team: Travis Hutchinson, Bucksport,
  • Honorable Mention: Henry Rowell, PCHS 

Wt. Class 126:

  • 1st team: Rico Ayala Foxcroft Academy
  •  2nd Team Matt Reid, Ellsworth 
  • Honroable Mention Zac Spizouco

Wt. Class 132

  • 1st team: Landon St. Peter, John Bapst
  • 2nd team: Travis Mushero, Mattanawcook/Lee Academy,
  • Honorable Mention Alex Zeller, PCHS,

Wt. Class 138

  • 1st team: Jackson Sutherland, Mattanawcook/Lee Academy,
  • 2nd team: Krystoffer Downing, Foxcroft Academy
  • Honorable Mention: Angel Riopelle, Caribou,

Wt. Class 145:

  • 1st team: Justin Wing, Dexter,
  • 2nd team: Isaac Hainer, Mattanawcook/Lee Academy,
  • Honorable Mention: Austin Gill, Foxcroft Academy,

Wt. Class 152:

  • 1st team: Nathan Schobel, Dexter,
  • 2nd team: Alex Atkinson, Foxcroft Academy,
  • Honorable Mention Everett Huckins, Ellsworth,

Wt. Class 160:

  • 1st team: Gage Stone, Dexter,
  • 2nd team: Noah Highes, Ellsworth
  • Honorable Mention: Seth Lister, Caribou,

Wt. Class 170:

  • 1st team: Jacob Nadeau, PCHS,
  • 2nd team: Baylor Landsman, MDI,
  • Honorable Mention: Alex Munson, Mattanawcook/Lee Academy,

Wt. Class 182:

  • 1st team: Ethan Harkins, MDI,
  • 2nd team: Logan Perkins, Dexter,
  • Honorable Mention: Kaden Demerchant, Caribou,

Wt. Class 195:

  • 1st team: Gus Irwin, Dexter,
  • 2nd team: Grayson Fernald, Bucksport,
  • Honorable Mention: Petak Dana, Washington Academy,

Wt. Class 220:

  • 1st team: Eric Bennett, Dexter,
  • 2nd team: Cameron Rich, Bucksport,
  • Honorable Mention: Aiden Nicholas, Washington Acacdemy

Wt. Class 285:

  • 1st team: Joseph Tuulima, PVHS,
  • 2nd team: Gavin Billings,
  • Honorable Mention: Romeo Mellits,


Hermon, Coach of the Year: Andrew Levensalor, Dexter,

Wrestler of the Meet: Justin Wing, Dexter

PVC Wrestling All Academics:

  • PVHS: Codi Fanning,
  • Dexter: Gage Stone, Eric Bennett and Gus Irwin
  • Ellsworth: Itsuki Langely
  • Washington Academy: Taylor Bridges
  • Foxcroft Academy - Rico Ayala


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