If you want to find something to help bring some calm and wonder into your life, or perhaps something that would keep the kids entertained for a while, so you can take a shower... might I recommend checking in on Maine's super neat bird buds, the Puffins!

Did you know there are live cams set up along the Maine coast that can give you and up close and personal look a Puffins and they stream 24/7?!

Take a little peak into the burrow of one of these beaked beauties, by clicking here! Actually, you can see into more than just their burrow! Explore.org has cameras set up on the exterior of their burrow, and on what they call a "loafing ledge" where Puffins like to gather around and hang out together. (The equivalent of an office water cooler, except their water...so much cooler!)

"Located 21 miles off the coast of Maine on Seal Island, this live puffin cam gives an intimate glimpse inside a puffin burrow, where puffins nest and breed during the spring and summer months."

That's the description on their website.

The reality is so much more than just a glimpse!

You can hear all the little and loud noises these birds make. You can see, from all sorts of different angles, what these guys are looking at, what kind of weather they're encountering. It's pretty neat.

I spent about half an hour hanging with the Puffins today. I watched a Mama Puffin fuss about on her little egg. I watched a bunch of lively Puffins hop from rock to rock, preening their feathers and chirping at each other. What I liked most is that they seemed so at ease and natural. Usually when you watch birds, it's from far away, and if they know you are near, they're not happy about it.

These are live webcams you can actually share with your kids...No need to hide these streams! They're safe for everyone to watch. And, should your kids be fans of the popular Netflix cartoon, Puffin Rock, you can guarantee they're gonna dig the real life version of it! So if you find your weekend plans rained out for whatever reason, remember you can totally kill some time peeking at Puffins!

You're welcome!