Saturday night, May 18th, the estimated Powerball jackpot is $600 million dollars! It was $550 million but people are buying tickets like crazy!  It's now the 2nd highest jackpot ever!  Just imagine what you could do with the winnings! Here are my 5 tickets!

Here's what I would do in no random order

  1. Set up a fund to help people in Maine with home heating expenses
  2. Donate a sum to my church.
  3. Pay off Craig's student loans and pay for his law school expenses.
  4. Buy Collin a two-family house so he could live in one part and rent out the other.
  5. Buy a home on Block Island Rhode Island where I met my wife so we could have a vacation home.
  6. Arrange so my wife could quit teaching full time, and allow her to work with children one on one without all the paperwork that goes with being a special education teacher!

I would keep working. I know, I know, but it's how I was brought up. The pressure would be gone, but I really enjoy doing what I do, so I would want to continue doing it.

So that's my plan... And of course I'm feeling extra generous, so there's gotta be something in it for you right? If my share of the winnings are $100 million or more, I'll put in a pool $5 million, and share the winnings with some of the station's biggest fans.

So now, you can root for me to win! Hopefully we all will have some money to share on Saturday night at 10:01 PM!