I love my garden and yard but the tick-willies are making me spend more time indoors and I don't like it. So I started thinking before I plant my garden this years I should see what plants will discourage ticks from being in the yard and I found quite a list of plesant plant that are easy to grow.Here are a few of my personal favorites from years past when I didn't even know I was doing something good. For the complete list see Natural on.



  • RK2Photography


    I have planted lavender in years past and even in my shady garden it bloomed nicely and came back for several years on its own.

  • klagyivik


    I have always planted marigolds. I had no idea they repelled tick and fleas. I just knew the were easy to grow, bunnies could eat them without harm and they have beautiful colors and long lasting blooms.

  • konmesa

    Lemon Grass

    So this year I will plan on putting some of this in the ground.  Up until my tick-willies I'd just keep a pot on the deck for the wonderful smell.