PETA has requested the donation of author E.B. White's house, which is currently on the market, so they can turn it into a 'Pig-empathy museum.'

Author E.B.White's farmhouse in North Brooklin, Maine is up for sale, and the folks at an animal rights group have an idea how they think it should be used. A barn that sits on the property was the inspiration for White's famous story, 'Charlotte's Web.' The children's novel published in 1952 tells the story of a pig named Wilbur who's in danger of being slaughtered. His spider friend, named Charlotte, writes positive messages about Wilbur in her web to persuade the farmer to spare his life.

The 48-acre property is listed at $3.7 million dollars by its current owners Robert and Mary Gallant, through Blue Hill's Downeast Properties. But the folks at PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, have a different idea. They'd like to see the property donated to the organization.

A post on PETA's website states that the group has sent a letter to the realtor, asking that it be converted into an empathy museum for pigs. They'd like to see a vegan cafe there, offering vegetarian sausages, bacon, and more. There would also be displays emphasizing the fact that pigs, like Wilbur, are 'intelligent, social, and playful animals.'

The reasoning behind the request is that PETA claims the book inspired readers to take a closer look at pigs, and become vegan. For more information on the request and the organization, log onto PETA's website.

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