The National Parks Service reopened the Precipice Trail and Orange and Black Path in Acadia National Park on Friday, July 13th. These areas had been closed since April 13, 2018 to protect the peregrine falcons. The Jordan Cliffs Trail remains CLOSED due to the presence of nesting peregrine falcons.

This year, 8 peregrine falcon checks were hatched and fledged, compared to at least 5 in 2017 and 11 in 2016. Falcons at the Precipice were not successful at nesting this year. The only other time in the last 27 years that falcons were not successful at nesting at the Precipice was in 2007, which was related to the Patriot's Day Blizzard.

The closure of cliffs and associated trails during the peregrine falcon nesting season has been proven to be successful with over 140 chicks fledging from cliffs in Acadia National Park over the last 27 years

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