Did you know that October is National Principal's Month? I'm very lucky to have the opportunity to know and work with many of the best High School Principal's in the State of Maine.

I think back to COVID Days, and the roles that these Principals were forced into. They were tasked with keeping everyone safe, while supporting their staff and teachers and students who were all forced to reinvent how teachers taught, and students learned with "remote learning".

Schools shifted to make sure food was delivered or available for students, and that students mentally were "ok".

And that continued for most of the next year, as many schools utilized hybrid learning, a mix or in-school and remote-learning.

They had to totally reimagine the graduation experience, while making it memorable for families. It just wasn't easy.

And now, 3 years after the "shutdown" things are finally getting back to the "new-normal", but let's be honest, students, teachers and schools are still feeling the after-affects, and it's up to the school principal to manage this.

School principals are responsible for the overall  condition of their  building and grounds, and many are making do with aging facilities.

They are much more than educators, and I'm sure many remember fondly when they were able to teach. As a principal they're working closely with the superintendent, finance director and others to put together a budget that takes into account the needs of the students, teachers and staff, while being acutely aware of the economic impact that the taxes have on the community.

They or their assistants deal with disciplinary issues, and unfortunately, those seem to be more common-place.

If you have a great building principal, please be sure to thank them! They often don't hear the great things they are doing, and National Principal's Month is the perfect opportunity to tell them all the great things they're doing!

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